Tired of Being Normal?

I moved a few months ago.

Nothing major—just from the north end of the Salt Lake Valley to the south end, to be closer to my husband’s office (and, of course, to be closer to Bree Despain and all the other awesome South Jordan YA writers).  One thing I was very much looking forward to was the change of scenery along the roads I traveled most often.  I found one North Salt Lake billboard on Redwood Road to be especially troubling.  Tired of being normal? it asked in obnoxiously big letters.

This is something I personally I have never had the luxury of tiring of.  The less normal I got, the more frustrating the billboard became.  No, I would think, I am not tired of being normal.  What I am tired of is being abnormal.  Normal people don’t have to remind themselves to eat, or go to the bathroom.  Normal people don’t have to remind themselves how to sleep, or how to wake up.    Normal people’s brains belong to them and only them.

So much runs on auto-pilot when you’re a normal person.  The thought that someone wouldn’t be grateful for that— would even WISH IT AWAY—got me so worked up I had to consciously calm myself.  Let’s face it, I probably shouldn’t be driving anyway, but I definitely shouldn’t be driving angry.

Why is being normal not good enough?

Do you feel normal?  Are you tired of it?

Now we’ve moved into our new home.  It’s different on the south end of the valley than the north.  Now, I like by a lake that isn’t full of saltwater.  Now, I live equidistant from four libraries.  Now, I live across the street from a blue house.

But when I was driving around  my new city the other day  I passed a billboard.   And yep.  In obnoxiously big letters it asked:  Tired of being normal?


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4 Responses to “Tired of Being Normal?”

  1. Jamie Duncan Says:

    I have been thinking about you so much during the last few months, wondering what you’re up to, what fun things you have going on in your life. So now I see you’ve moved. I’m not sure if you knew but we made a major move also. Not to the other side of the valley (that’s where we moved from to the North side:) We moved clear across the country to Ashburn, VA. Funny too you should mention that billboard I would always see it and have a discussion with my husband and kids about being “normal” they each have their own ideas on that. Anyway I wantes to say hi and that I miss you! You are just beyond amazing in my book. Tell me, does your new ward have you in with the YW yet? They need you in there you’re such an inspiration to them and to the leaders. Now I’ve written a novel and really just wanted to check up on you. I hope you’re well and that you love your new place. Stay it touch! Much love, Jamie Duncan

  2. Brodi Ashton Says:

    Stupid billboard. I love you no matter if you are abby-normal or not. But I agree- should normalcy be something anyone tires of?

  3. Ruth Says:

    You moved? What? How am I going to visit you now? I know, I didn’t much anyway. But still, the chances are reduced. :(
    However, I hope you enjoy the new place.
    Love you!

  4. Megan Says:

    Normal is overrated. We are all abnormal in some fashion. Maybe what makes us not normal is “our normal.” I could read your stuff all day long, btw.