I snagged this marquee picture back when I was on vacation in idyllic Claremont, CA. This was pre-immobilizing-sunburn, pre-father-in-law-health-crisis, pre--well, pre-MAY. Not to dis May. I love May. I even love this May (although I've spent the better portion of it in bed). It's just that this whole month has been pretty surreal (this could be attributed to the prescription painkillers I'm still taking).

Things are happening. Big things. The advance copies of my first novel will be out any day now. The first draft of my newest book is maybe-almost completed. I, like a real writer, have my own website. Still, whenever my mind wanders I'm dwelling on the fact that I need to organize my Tupperware and I still haven't cleaned behind the oven where I dropped an entire chocolate-chip cookie.

Clearly, I have issues.