So, my birthday was on Tuesday, and can I just say how much it rocked? I seriously loved this birthday. Besides getting a ton of cool gifts (including but not limited to this) I also got my author copies of THE WAY HE LIVED. Not only did this mean I could revel in the book's shiny-covered, new-book-smell glory, it also meant my friends who pre-ordered their copies from Amazon could do this, too (although they might not have. Which is totally fine).

Other good things have happened for my book lately:

--Publishers Weekly likes my cover! True, I had very little to do with it, but still cool.

--I got a totally awesome agent, Michael Bourret at Dystel and Goderich Literary Management. He is very hip and has an iPhone, but he is not so hip as to scorn un-hip people like me. For this I am in awe. This and more, in fact! Even though he didn't sell THE WAY HE LIVED, he's serious about making sure it gets some attention. I want to make an "I heart Michael" shirt, but I think if I do that I really will be scorned.


--This is so unbelievable I can’t find the words.

Thanks for the birthday gifts, one and all!