Posting Again Cause I'm Consistent Like That

So, I kept telling myself I'd blog on Friday, because although I missed last Friday, I remembered that my last entry was titled "Good News Friday."  Hence, I thought I had posted it on Friday.  Posting on Friday was going to become my new thing.  I'd post every Friday.  I'd (for once) have some tiny semblance of consistency in one minor aspect of my life.  Then, I realized my Good News Friday entry had been posted on Monday. There goes the consistency idea.

Anyway, I can't blog on Monday because I will be in San Antonio at the ALAN Conference, meeting tons of authors, educators and librarians...and my new editor!  Yes, I've sold my second YA novel to Julie Strauss-Gabel at Dutton (a Penguin imprint), and now I'll actually get to meet her in person.  Just thinking about it makes me feel Good News Friday all over.

Speaking of which, another good news:  Publishers Weekly gave The Way He Lived a starred review!  Reviews of my book are always hit or miss, because my book, is a little different.  But as Arby's used to say back in the day, "Different is good"  Or at least Publishers Weekly and I think it is.

Meanwhile, I have to go admire my beautiful clean fridge.  Seriously, the fridge was disgusting.  There were crumbs on the shelves from the leftover cake after my release party, the jars of various condiments kept sticking when you tried to take them out, and there was this gross residue on the vegetable crisper that had to be literally submerged in cleanser.  When I showed our now-sanitary fridge to my husband, he was pleased, but I was expecting him to be more pleased.  When I inquired about his lackluster response (I know, I am setting myself up, expecting him to go ga-ga over a fridge) he said: "Well, I just didn't know it was dirty, is all."

He didn't know it was dirty.  Wow.  Kind of liberating to know we could live in complete squalor and as long as he had his MacBook, he probably wouldn't notice.

So I'm off to do the admiring for both of us.