In Which I Discuss Vanity Searches and Traditions

Hello again!Here I am with my trusty scribe Julie. Coming at ya straight from her casa. My husband, Daniel, suggested we make a new "tradition" of meeting every Friday night. He and Reo play Rock Band. Julie and I blog. Funny thing is, Daniel isn't really a "tradition" kind of guy. During our first year of marriage, whenever I mentioned starting traditions, he kind of brushed off the idea. Now he's all for starting a Rock Band/blogging tradition so maybe it will stick. Julie and I tried to take a quality mid Rock Band pic but it was not to be. If you know Dan and Reo you will have to use your imagination. Even if you don't, you will have to use your imagination.

On an unrelated note, for business reasons I Googled myself today. I tried this a couple of times before my book was published to see if I was getting any advanced "buzz". However, it was depressing because every time I typed in my name, Google asked me "Did you mean Emily KING Smith?" Finally, I actually did look up Emily King Smith, and she only had three hits. How can I be less popular than someone who only has three hits? Anyway, today I had to try again to see if The Way He Lived has garnered any praise I'm unaware of. By and large, it hasn't. So, if anyone has ways to promote my book, by all means let me know.

I did find out some interesting tidbits. For instance, my literary agency, Dystel & Goderich, represents not only me but also Yeardley Smith, voice of Lisa Simpson. Apparently she is also the author of a soon to be released novel for young readers. Note: I have not read this book and cannot vouch for its contents. But still, Lisa Simpson? That's cool.

It just now struck me how strange it is for a writer to have a scribe. I guess that's life--or at least my life. Have a good weekend everyone!