My First Photo (with the LHA)

Yes, I know I've actually had lots of photos in my posts.  But this is the first time I added one 100% by myself!  Okay, actually that's not QUITE friend Valynne actually took the picture, and then emailed it to me.  But I was the one to figure out how to post it.  That counts for something, right? Below, feast your eyes on young adult writing sensation Laurie Halse Anderson!  I first fell in love with her stunning  novel Speak in 1999.  Now not only is Speak a YA classic, its ten-year-anniversary is a phenomenon!  The message on my lovely lapel button?   Speak up about Speak.  I got to speak up about Speak to the LHA herself, when she came to a signing in my own city.  Not only did I get to mingle with other writers, other readers, and a bunch of cool people in general, I actually got to hear the LHA speak (not just about Speak--in fact, mainly about her breathtaking new book, Wintergirls).

Check out my awesome button!

Do I look as thrilled as I felt?   (FYI: I was pretty darn thrilled)