Part II: Why Junior High is Better as an Adult than as a Teen

Yes, indeed:  Two posts in one week!  I am, in fact, supacool.  Some people are amazed when I even manage ONE post per week (Sara Z. and Bree, I'm looking in your direction.  DirectionS, actually, since you're in different places.  I'm talented like that--I can look two ways at once). But blogging twice it must be, because I have too much love for just one post.  And this love is for junior high and all the cherished memories I have made there.  Not when I was an actual junior high student, of course.   Those memories (at least the ones I haven't repressed) I'd prefer to forget.  I mean memories at the awesome junior high schools I've visited in the last few days.

First up was last Friday's Authors Day at Grantsville Junior High.  This was my first trip to Grantsville (a roadtrip made all the more delightful by the company of my boss friends Anne Freakin' Bowen and Wendy Toliver).  Now, before my visit I had a vague idea of where Grantsville was.  Vague is the key word here.  Grantsville is west of Salt Lake City--HECKA west.  But no worries--we made it there with plenty of time to tour the town and note local attractions, including a museum detailing the tragic history of the Donner Reed Party.

All 600 students at GJH took part in Authors Day, and enthusiasm was high.  p1020986

Obviously, this was not the picture I meant to insert.  This is a picture that my husband took when we went to EPCOT and saw how they can grow plants without soil.  It was all very educational, but not even CLOSE to the picture I wanted to download, which was of a bunch of happy GJH students.  However, as I don't know how to delete this picture, it stays.


Umm...okay.  This is a picture of me eating a delicious pastry at the France Pavilion (EPCOT again) with my friend Nate.  Again, entertaining, but so not what I was trying to get.  I give up, and will  have someone else help me get the GJH photos.  They were awesome.  Trust me.

Today I spoke at Granite Park, a junior high/middle school in Salt Lake City.  I talked to a bunch of 7th graders in Honors English.  They cracked me up with their comments and questions, my favorite being:  "If you could choose only one color, would it be purple or green?"  Thought-provoking!

I took some great pictures here, and none of them turned out blurry!   I'm afraid to try to retrieve them from my memory card because...well, I don't want to end up with some random shot of me in line for Space Mountain or some such insanity.  But anyway, it was a good time.

Going to junior high is SO much better when you aren't actually enrolled.