word shirts For those of you who don't know (and why would you?), when my book THE WAY HE LIVED debuted, a random blogger/book reviewer deemed its subject matter "inappropriate."   I say random book reviewer because I no longer even remember who it was, it was of such little consequence.  But still, inappropriate?  That hurts.

Or at least it did, until my friends shared their stories of woe.  Brodi's book, with its kick-A heroine and alien attacks, was called both vulgar and violent--by family members, no less (I'm sure they meant it in a good way).  And Bree's upcoming THE DARK DIVINE (Egmont, December of this year!) was called blasphemous by a fellow writer (not me--I swear!)  (I swear all the time.  That's why I, too, am blasphemous.  And inappropriate.  *&%#).

Anyway, we decided that we'd print up shirts and own up to our stigmas, loud and proud.  So we did, and wore them to the SCBWI LA conference.

Little did I know that keynote speaker Sherman Alexie, when given one word in which to encapsulate his very being, chose "inappropriate"!


Imagine me with a speech bubble:  "Being inappropriate sure isn't  lonely anymore!"

The conference was one memorable, inappropriate event after another. I helped Brodi procure antibiotics for her crazy-painful ear infection, attempting to use my own insurance at one point.  Note:  This is illegal.  Also, if you plan to do something illegal, do not announce it to the guy at Walgreens and then ask him to take your picture.


I met Little, Brown editor Jennifer Hunt and asked her if she was giving away any ARCs of  BFF Sara Zarr's ONCE WAS LOST, and if I could somehow rig it so I got one.   She said yes, that I could go buy one in October like everybody else, fool!  J/k, though, because although that's the response I deserved, she instead was much nicer to me.  If it's the last thing I do, I WILL procure an ARC of that book!  (Procure seems to be a theme in this inappropriate post.  hmm).


Me with Jennifer Hunt.  She's even better-looking in person!  Would it be inappropriate for me to email and ask her if she ever made a "How to be Hot" list?  If so, I'll wear this shirt while writing it.

More updates in my next post on Monday!  Have a great weekend!