The Past: Or, Why I Have So Many Issues

Today I have been going through boxes upon boxes of what I've always referred to as memorabilia but is, in actual fact, better referred to as accumulated random stuff.  And "random stuff" could probably be replaced with a word that would make this post PG, or one that would make it PG-13.  Anyway, it is a long, arduous process and now this stuff is scattered about my office floor, which I hate.  So I must take a break to clear my mind from the clutter-demons that haunt me, along with the ghosts of the past. It all started last month when I was searching for a picture from this very past of which I speak.  The sheer number of possibilities as to where this picture might be led to the decision to consolidate "memorabilia."  Plus, I wanted to find some of my childhood writing samples to share when I visit schools.  Hence, today's project.

Items I've unearthed so far:

--A mint-condition Madame Alexander doll circa 1992.  I call her my "retirement doll" because I've never even taken her out of the box, to preserve value.  I estimate that if I retire in approximately 85 years the doll should provide me enough income for a taxi ride to stand in line for government cheese.

--The Rowland Hall-St. Mark's Lower School Student-Parent Handbook for the 1990-1991 school year.  No, I never attended this school.  Yes, I dreamed of it.  Enough, apparently, to request a student manual and then keep it for nigh unto twenty years.

--A program for the Salon Selectives Back to School Style Fashion Event.  Unfortunately,  exactly which back to school year this fashion event took place is unstated.  I'm guessing about 1993, thanks to descriptions like these:


Enuf eggplant pull-on short, Enuf puff logo T


Zena over-dyed jeans, white spandex bodysuit


Violet plaid short, white shirt with plaid details, crocheted beret


Tiered chiffon skirt, velvet bolero

and, of course:


Red stretch lace cold shoulder dress

I should mention that most of the stores sponsoring the Fashion Event no longer exist, which of course is also the sad fate of "Like you just stepped out of a (Salon)" Selectives.  RIP.

Through all of this "memorabilia", all of this hopeless dreaming for schools I would never attend, clothes I would never wear and a retirement that makes even today's 401 k look promising, one thing has emerged:  a constant love for writing.  A passion so consistent and deep it would get me through anything.

So here it is, and here I am, working away at a dream that's seen me through everything.  And in just a few weeks I will be able to celebrate as a Utah Book Award finalist at the Utah Literary Awards Ceremony where THE WAY HE LIVED will go tete-a-tete with the phenomenal SWEETHEARTS by the equally phenomenal Sara Zarr.

It will be held at the Salt Lake City Public Library on October 22 at 7:00.  If you'd like to attend such an event (with your respective TEAM SARA or TEAM EMILY t-shirt, of course) you are all invited!  Since we're trying to get a head count, let me know (via email, the comment section, whatev) if you're interested.

P.S The t-shirt is not  required.  Wearing a top of some sort, however, would be appreciated.