Vanity Card

I've only recently (through my growing obsession with TV's The Big Bang Theory) learned the definition of a "vanity card." A vanity card are a few lines that blip onto the screen directly following theend of a television show, written by the show's creator.  The only vanity cards I've ever read, or even seen, are by Chuck Lorre (of TBBT).  These "cards" range from jokes to Chuck's random musings to...well, whatever he wants.  Some of them are pretty hilarious (generally not the jokes).

I can see the appeal of a vanity card:  the chance to write, in a public venue, whatever is on your mind.  But it seems to lose a cetain cachet now, when everybody has the chance to write whatever they want to in a public forum.

I was starting to feel bad about not blogging for a couple of weeks, but that's when it hit me:  This blog IS a vanity card.  All I do is post about stuff that happens to me, or stuff that I think is important, or things I've read that I think are interesting.  It all revolves around me.  So why should I think people will miss it?

Then author and friend Jean Reagan asked if I'd host her on my blog this week.  Her recently-released picture book, ALWAYS MY BROTHER, is currently on a virtual tour around the blogosphere, and on Thursday I'll be one of her last stops.

Suddenly my blog becomes about more than my own vanity, and about bigger issues, like getting the word out about ALWAYS MY BROTHER.

I want to save all the stuff I really have to say about the book for the interview on Thursday, but I want to start getting the word out now.  This book deals with loss and the grieving process for a young audience.  It's an issue that's important to me as an author, as well as ALWAYS MY BROTHER being a great book.

Please check back regularly this week to read my random bits of vanity.  And check in on Thursday to read about something truly important--and not just to me.