Love To Write? Who Doesn't?

In case you haven't heard yet (because you're one of my rare followers who doesn't also follow my much more entertaining and blogosphere-savvy friends)  brace yourselves:

The Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers Workshop is now open for registration!  For those not familiar with this workshop, click the link, of course, but here's the shorthand:  This is a week-long conference, June 14-June 18. It will  be held at a great new venue, the Waterford School in Sandy, Utah.  You will meet and work with some of the best writers, illustrators, editors and agents in the business.  Seriously.  I know tons of writers who've gotten their start at this conference--including me!

Which makes it all the sweeter that this year I'll be  an instructor, teaching the Beginning Novel class.  So whether you've just started writing for kids/teens, already have a completed manuscript, already have several completed manuscripts--basically wherever you are in your career, there is a class for you and you will benefit!  Register now and tell me in the comments so I can look out for you!

Also in Sandy, but coming up much sooner, is the Authorpalooza at the SouthTowne Barnes and Noble on Saturday, February 6! Come hang out with a bunch of Utah authors anytime between 1-4 p.m!  I'll be there, but more importantly, so will Bree Despain, rock star of The Six,  James Dashner, andso many others I'm not sure who they all are.  If you haven't gotten a copy of my book yet, this is an excellent opportunity because they will definitely have it in stock!

Meanwhile, my brother left for his mission in Des Moines, Iowa last week.  He gave me his phone while he 's gone.  Apparently no one wanted it because it was a "girl phone."  Which prompted me to ask: "Why didn't the girls want it?"  He didn't tell me, so maybe something is wrong with the phone I don't know about but still.  My own phone.  That I don't have to pay for.  That has TEXT.  That I may or may not ever use.  Just having possession of it is full of possibilities.