Winners Announced! And A Mad Tea Party

The moment you've all been waiting for...the winners of  the WIFYR giveaway are:  Laura, Kaylie and Lana!  Congratulations!  Please email me with your address and choice of book!  This is where my friends say:  "Email address in the sidebar," but I don't know if my email address actually is in the sidebar, so it's just: emilywingsmithATgmailDOT com. In case you wondered how the winners were "generated" it was by a complex algorithm in which I wrote down everyone's name as many times as they entered and then played MASH until only three names remained.  This provided some quality entertainment during the less interesting portions of church yesterday.

In Friends Reading My Mind News:

I recently inherited my grandmother's china.  Inherited is the wrong word, I guess, as my grandmother is still alive.  So that's good, but it did raise the question why give it to me now?  I mean, it should have raised that question.  Of course  I didn't actually think about it until my husband asked me:  "Why did she give it to you now?"

Um, because she loves me?

But whatever the reason, I am now the proud owner of a lovely tea service, and as I removed each delicate piece from its bubble-wrap I thought what a shame it is I don't give tea parties.

What should happen the next week, however, but some of my writer friends and I decide to get together and I offer to host.  And Sara Z. says, "how about a tea?"


Right-side-up photo courtesy of Sara's iPhone.

The top photo features our original writing posse of me, Anne Bowen, James Dashner and the lovely Sara Zarr (who is, in this picture as in life, head and shoulders above the rest of us).

But wait, there's more!  Who should grace us with her presence that day but terrific writer and local celebrity Ann E. Cannon.  In fact, she's head and shoulders above the rest of us, too.

I need a bigger couch.