My Summer In Desserts

People have wondered where I've been the last...let's see...nigh unto two months.  They're worried about me, and my health.  As they should be.  While they may be referring to my (always suspect) mental health, my physical health will probably be suffering shortly.  Because where have I been this summer?  I've been eating! Last I updated, I was on my way to St. George to participate in a conference for the Utah Library Association.  I also participated in eating these cupcakes:

...I also talked, along with my buds Bree Despain, Sydney Salter, and Bobbie Pyron.  They were great, of course, but let's give top billing where top billing is due.

Next stop?  Wilmington, North Carolina to do research for my latest book.

The book is entitled:  How to Find and Eat Wilmington's Most Glorious Chocolate Desserts.   This is only a working title, since I haven't actually run the idea past my agent yet.

June brought with it the much-anticipated (by me) Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers Conference!  And what a success it was.   Besides the phenomenal writing-related stuff, I got to eat sandwiches handmade by the extremely humble chef/writer extraordinaire, Sydney Salter.

Then I lingered over dessert (Deanna, that line was for you) with brand-new bff Brandon Mull, medium- long bff Lisa Mangum, and bffs-for-way-too-long The Six.  Conspicuously absent was Brodi. For whatever reason, she  thought traveling to Washington with her biological family trumped traveling to Sandy with her adopted family, aka The Six.   While we question her priorities, she remains in good standing with the rest of us.

The best dessert of the conference was the night the organizers (thanks, Lisa and Carol!) took the faculty to trendy downtown eatery the Copper Onion.

Some of us overindulged...

But despite the temptation to ask for seconds, I remained calm, cool,  and ready to hang with my workshop group one last time.

There's one other rad chocolate dessert I had this summer.  I even took a picture of it on my brand-new phone, which belongs solely to me, not shared-with-my-husband or formerly-my-brother's.    It's pretty swank, if I say so myself, and takes excellent photos (especially of one chocolate raspberry milkshake after a late-night showing of Eclipse).  Alas, I cannot retrieve the photo.  On a related note, if anyone has an LG Rumor 2 Touch and knows how to get the photos from it onto a computer, I'd love a heads-up.

So that more or less brings us to right now.  I have lots of exciting forthcoming-book-news to share, but I'll save that for next post.

Happy Summer!