This Just In: Heart And Soul Ball Full Of Heart, Souls

Before Girls Camp even ended, I was oh-so-aware of how long it had been since I wore a bridesmaid dress.  Too long.  So I knew what I had to do.  I had to finish up Girls Camp, take a shower, and get to the SCBWI L.A Conference, already in progress. While I had missed quite a few speakers, I had not missed the highlight of any conference:  The Ball.

Here I am with Bree and Brodi, as well as Lindsey Leavitt and Lisa Schroeder, who aren't just my friends, they are my FELLOW CLUB MEMBERS!  Yes, it's true, for the first time in my life I've been asked to join a club!

Okay, so it's not that true.  The club is less of a "club" and more of a "group," but tomatoes/ tomatoes.  We're called the Contemps, and from the countdown on my sidebar you'll note (now's the time to check out the countdown on my sidebar) that we are thisclose to releasing our fabulousness to the world!  All will be revealed soon.  Until then, grab the stylish countdown clock and rock it on your own blog.  Who needs details when you can have stylish countdown clocks?

Speaking of details, back to my trip to L.A.  I mean, I could have just gone for the ball, the fishnet stockings, and the chance to rub shoulders with Matt Kirby.

But I didn't.  I went for this guy:

Ta-da!  My utterly and completely awesome agent Michael Bourret, who has represented me for about two years (I just checked and I signed with him on August 29, 2008.  I'll send him flowers for our anniversary in a few weeks) (Just kidding, I don't even send my husband flowers on our anniversary.  I'm too cheap).   Anyway, I had yet to meet Michael, even after almost-two wonderful years together.

Unlike Brodi, who wasted her first forty minutes with Michael by rambling on about Rafa, I spent my first forty minutes regaling Michael with tales of Girls Camp, and also reasons why I will never be featured on the website  Even if there were such a website.  And even if I were a mom.

Clearly, I wowed him, as evidenced by this picture in which he is trying to pretend he doesn't know me:

Photo brilliance brought to you courtesy of my cameraphone.  After twenty minutes my husband was able to get these pictures onto my computer, "thanks to the power of stuff."  Those were his exact words.  He did not offer to teach me to use this powerful "stuff," leading me to believe I'm doomed to a life of technical ineptitude.  Which I'm more or less okay with.

I have more good news to share (I know, MORE??).  I'm too excited to wait until next Tuesday to post it, so check back on Thursday for an update!