A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To My Book Launch

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A funny thing happened on the way to my book launch.  And by "on the way to" I mean "on the way to, and then throughout."

Apparently, during my reading/signing, something struck me as HILARIOUS. If only I remembered what it was. Oh, the jubilance. Spell check just told me jubilance isn't a word. Forget you, spell check. Forget you.

I count any night when I am on a sign to be a PARTY. And what a party it was. For one thing, there was music, when The SIX performed LIVE as The Barely Manilows. It was a one-time-only gig, but you can relive it if you want to (And you do. Trust me on this):

Plus, there was food. The desserts weren't chocolate, but they were--dare I say it?--better. At least as far as BACK WHEN YOU WERE EASIER TO LOVE is concerned.

By the way, I should add that all photos are courtesy of Heather Gardner at Fire and Ice . My husband took pictures, but they are all of me. To make matters worse, in every one of them I am talking, my mouth contorted in various expressions that lead me to wonder why I look like a raving street person while discussing my feelings on German surnames.

Anyway, the night was a huge success, and I even held the honor of having the best-behaved line Rachel at King's English had ever seen. I was proud, until I realized that maybe it was because this was the one time I wasn't actually IN the line (I'm not great at waiting my turn. So sue me.)

If you would like to book The Barely Manilows for your wedding/bat mitzvah/high scool reunion, please contact Brodi for details. In fact, if we can flood her blog with requests, that would be good.

Looks like we made it, friends. Looks like we made it.