How My Book and I Are Spending Summer Vacation

When your book releases in the spring, it makes for a busy summer.  BACK WHEN YOU WERE EASIER TO LOVE and I have become fast friends, like summer-camp-BFFs who form a lifelong bond in a couple of days.  Right now, we're touring the world wide web on a blog tour courtesy of Teen Book Scene. We've already visited The Book Butterfly and Bookmarked (I highly recommend you check out both of them for some laughs) and we've only just begun! Here's where else we've been:

Bunch of signings in the Bay Area with my BFF J.L (Jessica) Powers, including a stop at premiere indie bookstore Kepler's.  Besides meeting a bunch of new writer friends--and seeing old friends, too--I learned something very interesting about YA bookselling guru Angela.  She closes her eyes in EVERY SINGLE PICTURE.

Next we were off to:

Oh, okay, so this is not where we were off to next.  Next I went to meet some delightful high school students, and this picture is of a mannequin in New York City, so you see how I could get the two confused, right?  And the picture isn't even turned the right way but I'll keep it because whether or not it's the right picture, it took a long time to load.

So this is the trip to New York I took with writer pals Brodi Ashton and Bree Despain.   We went for writing-related purposes, of course, but we did squeeze in a couple of hours to shop  (I ended up buying nothing, and all Brodi bought was a fan, but whatevs).  All I could find were clothes designed to fit the mannequin pictured above.  And alas, I am not shaped like the mannequin above.  There's a picture to prove this, but I think my site is too family-friendly to post it.

Speaking of posting pictures, I was trying to do that just now and got three errors in a row, so maybe I'm doing something wrong?  I will check and get back to you tomorrow.