Fashionable, Girly And An Awesome Friend

Those of you who know me know I love a bargain.  In fact, some have even asked me to share my most humorous money-saving strategies/stories here.   And I will.  But after I tell everyone about my latest find:  a year's worth (that's THIRTEEN issues) of Seventeen magazine for only ten bucks! I kid you not.  For less than a dollar a month, you can keep up-to-date with the life of Selena Gomez,  steal Beyonce's look, AND pick the perfect snack.  Also, if you're like me, the bill will be addressed to your parents (because, you know, what adult would want a subscription to Seventeen?).  Maybe unlike me, you will tell your parents to foot the bill, making the cost to you a whopping zero dollars!  Now that's a deal.

Now the October issue is here, because that's how magazines work: reading them makes living in the current month null and void.  Which is cool, because according to Seventeen, my birthday is right around the corner.  Wahoo!  Again according to the source, as a Libra girl I am fashionable, girly, and an awesome friend.

Proof positive:



Over the weekend I was a panelist at an SCBWI Southern Idaho conference  and met TONS of cool people.  Most of them lived in southern Idaho, and you might be tempted to think they were the ones who displayed a lacking in the fashion department.  Do not be fooled by stereotypes, my wise friends.

In this picture I'm standing next to Brian Farrey, the publicist-turned-editor at my publisher, flux!  As you can see, Brian has no problemo showing off his classy flux tee (he refused to give me one, btw.  If you, too think this is an outrage, I'm sure Brian would appreciate hearing from you).  Please note coordinating sports coat.

With friends like these, how can I NOT be fashionable?



Okay, so I couldn't figure out how to rotate this photo, but that's girly, right?  To be incompetent?  What?  No it isn't because that's a stereotype?  I fail at being girly.

Proof positive:

I had no idea why this woman was walking down the streets of downtown Boise holding an inflatable objet d'art until her friend yelled "She's getting married tomorrow!"  To which I said, "Congratulations.  Why is she carrying an inflatable objet d'art down the streets of downtown Boise?"  Then, others had to point out to me that this was actually not an objet d'art, but  instead a blow-up man (which I still find hard to believe, frankly, especially upon viewing the picture a second time).  Also what had to be pointed out to me:  why someone would carry  a blow-up man down the streets of downtown Boise simply because she is getting married the next day (frankly, still a mystery).

Which brings me to:



To some, my complete lack of savvy is endearing, or at the very least, amusing.  To those people I say, I hope I am an awesome friend.  Otherwise, I don't think I make an awesome friend--I just happen to make awesome friends.

Proof positive:


Friends old and new:  Sydney Salter, Valynne, Neysa Jensen, and David Ward. Not pictured are a bunch of other peeps I'm honored to call my peeps!

Ah, astrology.  About me you are never wrong.

P.S Shout-out to Brodi, who unlike me is celebrating a birthday in the REAL month this Friday.