My First Entry

So. I'm trying to write a novel. I say "trying" because every time I think I've written the novel, it turns out I haven't. Yeah. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to say. I thought that was the whole reason I was writing. Guess not. One of the characters in my work-in-progress is a blogger. M., my wise faculty advisor at Vermont College, liked the blog form, but asked me to think about how my character would really blog. And I realized I needed first-hand experience with blogs. Not just reading them (which I do regularly) but actually keeping one. Learning exactly how much of my life I feel comfortable putting out there into the blogosphere knowing that someone might actually read it. Seeing what events in my life are actually significant enough to prompt me to blog.

I'm hoping that maybe this will be more than an exercise. Maybe it will give me, you know, an epiphany.

Or at least some vague idea of what this novel I'm writing is actually about.