So, I'm realizing that the things I find significant enough to write about are rare, indeed. In part, this is because the whole livejournal thing confuses me a bit. But let's not kid ourselves. I'm just really bad at keeping a journal, and as much as I wish this bad habit didn't include blogs, it does. There are lots of things that happened to me over the last nine months that I would consider blog-worthy. Of course, at the time when they were happeninging, the last thing I had time for was blogging. Isn't that how it goes, though? The more you have to write, the less time you have to write it?

Blogable Events In My Life Since August 25th:

* taught AP Psychology at my former high school while my former high school AP Psychology teacher was on maternity leave. Don't get me wrong. I am not a teacher. I am a twenty-six-year-old English grad. Who once took AP Psychology. So we see the sad state of affairs regarding public schools in the big square state in which I reside. Anyway, teaching high school is a fair amount of work, even if it is only for three months. Especially because while this was going on I

*bought a new house. Which was good. Because my husband's commute to his new job was starting to totally bite. So we found a beautiful new place in a neighborhood much closer to his new office. Which was good. Except that it meant we

*sold our old house, and that is pretty much always a pain in the neck. And this was no exception. Although it only took nine days to find a buyer. And the family who bought the house was awesome. So the whole selling-a-house thing went smoothly and it was also fairly hassle-free when we

*moved into our new house, only I didn't actually put things away in my kitchen for about a month. I'm kind of OCD when it comes to arranging things in my kitchen. There was no time for it. Likewise, there was no time to put any books on the bookshelves. Digging through boxes to find the book I wanted was annoying, but I told myself bookshelf arrangement (about which I am also fairly OCD) would have to wait until I

*graduated from Vermont College. Which I did in January, with a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Writing for Children and Young Adults. It was one of the the most amazing experiences in my life (going to VC, not graduating. Although that pretty much rocked, too). And while this didn't happen until four long months after I graduated, because of my time at VC and the wise input I received there I finally

*finished my "novel." Yep, the one I've been trying to write for nearly two years. And this time, when I finished writing, it felt done.

Now we see if anyone agrees with me.