Stranded: An Impromptu Restaurant Review

Today’s post was going to be about my book. That is, after all, the reason I started blogging. I was going to reveal all these juicy book details, but instead I am so busy recovering that all I can offer is a restaurant review. Recovering from what, you might ask? Well, from spending the night STRANDED in Lehi, Utah.

On Wednesday I spent the afternoon in Provo, visiting my delightful friends/former college roommates (shout out to Dee, Mim, and Ruth). Of course, while I was enjoying good company and great Mexican food inside, it was snowing outside. But that was to be expected, as it’s been snowing like crazy here.

Also expected was heavy traffic as I journeyed to my North Salt Lake home. But there’s heavy traffic and there’s completely motionless traffic, and this traffic fell into the latter category.

6:45—Wow, we haven’t moved in ten minutes

6:55—I’m right here by the exit, should I get off and take back roads home?

7:05—I’ll get lost if I do that

7:15—If I’m still here at 7:30, I’ll get off

7:25—If I’m still here at 7:30, I’ll just spend the night here

7:35—Where am I, anyway?

Answer: Lehi. The winds were 75 MPH and the snow was blowing willy-nilly. Yes, that’s right: willy-nilly.

I pulled off the freeway and into a motel parking lot. I do not wish to devote much time to reviewing this motel. Only to say that it was the type of motel that advertises its rate on its sign ($39.99, fyi). It was the type of motel that looked dirty at first glance, but further inspection proved that it wasn’t dirty; just in dire need of refurbishment (i.e., the ceramic on the tub was chipped rather than stained). By way of toiletries were two mini bars of soap.

Now, for the restaurant review. My inclination was to order pizza from the (comparable) safety of my room, but delivery had been closed for the evening. And who could blame those brave, but not suicidal, delivery drivers? The nice Dominos man suggested One Man Band Diner, just steps from my motel.

Okay, so it was a lot of steps. But it was worth it.

One Man Band Diner is one of those places where you order from a phone at your table. BUT unlike other restaurants of that variety, this one is reasonably priced. The beverage selection is ample, with fountain drinks including apple beer (!) and wicked-good hot chocolate. Food is prepared in an open kitchen, so you can watch your salad/sandwich/burger as it’s made. The dessert menu changes daily, and on this day included hot-fudge raspberry brownies. What more needs be said?

If you are ever in Lehi (whether because you are stranded or because, for some reason, you wanted to go to Lehi) I highly recommend this diner.

I do not, however, particularly endorse the Motel 6.