What My Book is Not About

You might think it’s easy for authors to tell you what their book’s about. As in, “Oh, you’re getting a book published? What’s it about?” Perhaps other authors have no problem with this question. But I do.

What’s it ABOUT? Well, I mean, I wrote it, and don’t get me wrong, it’s about stuff, but…I can’t really put it into words…I mean, it’s about some kids…teenagers, really, and one of them died…but it’s not, you know, ABOUT death…kinda…but not in a boring way, like “here, read this book about a dead guy”…anyway, it’s, um, realistic young adult fiction? Does that help?”

Which, of course, it doesn’t. Help, that is. Because now people know waaay less than they did to begin with.

So while I try to come up with a decent synopsis of my book (which may take a while) here is something I can say unequivocally:

Yes, my book is titled THE WAY HE LIVED.

No, it is not a book about the life of Christ.

Originally the book was not titled THE WAY HE LIVED. Because, you know, it wasn’t about the life of Christ. But the all-knowing Editorial Team and Marketing Team wanted to change it, and who am I to argue? I’m not exactly market-savvy. In fact, all I’ve ever actually sold are Girl Scout cookies.

When I heard the new title, though, I was like, “Isn’t there already a book by that title, published by an LDS (Mormon) publisher?” A quick Google check determined that no, there is not. So why be obsessed with underlying Christian themes in such a straightforward title? I mean, come on! The world is full of he’s who have lived in various ways.

Then, an IM from a friend, asking about the status of my book. My response, concerning the new title. Her reply: “I guess since your editor isn’t LDS, he doesn’t know that sounds like a book about Jesus.”