Trivia Tuesday: Five Quirky Things About Me

1) I hate frosting so much that I used to think the saying “the icing on the cake” meant the really bad part of something really good (i.e, “losing my luggage was the icing on the cake of my trip.”) This has caused no small amount of confusion in my life. 2) I read the Baby-Sitters Club until the series ended in 2000. I was nineteen years old. At one point in my life I could recite the title of every book, in order. Sometimes I will still do this when I can’t fall asleep. These days, I can’t remember much past #21: Mallory and the Trouble with Twins.

3) I have a false tooth, which I refer to as “bad tooth.” It is much smaller than the rest of my teeth and also a half-shade whiter. It is easy to floss bad tooth because it is a good distance from the teeth on either side of it. Bad tooth is the bane of my existence.

4) I have bad tooth through no fault of my own. My real tooth wasn’t knocked out in a reckless dirt bike crash or anything. I actually never had a real tooth. The missing bicuspid is a genetic gift from my great-aunt on my dad’s side.

5) I talk to myself. Loudly. This would be only minorly embarrassing if I said clever/hilarious things to myself. I do not. I used to say, “I hate you!” but that habit pretty much broke itself. I would start yelling it in the presence of other people, and would then have to explain, “Oh, not you, I’m just talking to myself."