Being a Real Author

I am now a real author.

Okay, so, actually no.

I don’t know how or when anyone actually becomes a real author. When their first book is published? Their fifth book? When they have something, anything, accepted for publication? When they wake up and say, “Today I am a real author?”

To me, it’s always been, “I will be a real author when I have a website.” Because real authors have websites. Yes, this is the kind of logic that I can wrap my head around. You know, the hopelessly flawed kind of logic.

Anyway, I have a website,, and I have a picture of my book cover, and really, what else do you need? Besides people to look at it, I mean. Because you need what I believe everybody else refers to as “hits.”

So please hit this website. But not literally. Because I know from experience that will seriously mess up your monitor. will even get new-and-improved bonus features as time goes by. And by time going by, I mean my learning how to add new-and-improved bonus features.