Everything Is Fine

This is a super-clever title for today's post (if I do say so myself) because: 1)  Even though an evil facebook-version-of-swine-flu sent my friends a phony and non-functioning link at 2:39 this morning, I changed my password so it should never happen again.  AND I got a bunch of email messages from some of the coolest people I know this morning.  Who cares if they all wondered the same thing, which was, in essence, WTF?  I still got messages from them.  So everything is fine!

2) Even though I haven't posted in nigh unto three weeks, it isn't because I'm immobilized by sunburn, like I was last year at this time.  It's just because I'm technologically inept!  So everything is fine!

3) Even though I don't have a picture proving it, I actually DO know Ann Dee Ellis, author of two YA novels including the recent release EVERYTHING IS FINE.  And, on Tuesday night, I was lucky enough to attend Ann Dee's reading/signing at the King's English.  Ann Dee looked great, as usual, sporting a new super-swank do that attracted many an "ooh" and several "ahhs."

Also, I got to hang out with my writer friends, and that's always a good time.  Here is a picture of my Writer Peeps (see sidebar for links to their sites), getting a bite to eat after the shindig:


4) Even though getting that picture from my camera to this page took me way longer than it should have, I actually did it!  And even though this picture isn't exactly great, I have it on good authority that considering it was taken in low light, it's not half bad!  So I am capable of operating electronics, contrary to popular belief.  And that means everything is fine!

5) Even though the life of a writer is challenging (or perhaps just a writer who has trouble with all facets of technology, ranging from maintaining a flu-free facebook account to using a keyboard) I remain hopeful.  And book blogger/reviewer extraordinaire Little Willow posted my feelings on the subject.

So everything is fine!  In fact, some might say (and I'd agree) that everything is very fine indeed.