What I Did in April Instead of Blog

Why is it so hard for me to blog? It's a rhetorical question, of course.  Those of you who read this blog regularly (probably more regularly than I post) know the myriad reasons it's hard for me to post.  Still, I did such cool things in April I want to post about now, even though it is admittedly lame to post about things weeks after they happened.  Like, don't you have anything going on NOW that you'd rather post about?  Yes, I do.  But not at this moment.  So I'm doing the lame thing and blogging ex-POST facto.  Get it?  Post?  Seriously, I kill myself with these.


Educator Night at the Orem and West Jordan B&N Stores:

Yes, I was actually at both stores that night.  Both stores invited me.  As I've mentioned before (to some of you many times) I need all the publicity I can get!  When I'm invited to go somewhere, I go.  Unless that place is overly dangerous.  I mean, basically, when you're me, any place is dangerous.  Opportunities to walk into stuff occur everywhere.  So for me to refuse an invitation somewhere it has to be out-of-control dangerous.  Even then I would probably still go, because who doesn't love a little danger?  Especially when most of your dangerous activities consist of walking into stuff?  So anyway, I go where I'm invited.

I planned to have a late lunch in Provo with my awesome brother and BYU student, Ethan.  Then I'd go to the Orem B&N from 5-6 and be at the West Jordan B&N by 7.  And things went swimmingly!  I had a delicious lunch with my brother, who is doing well, of course.  Ethan is like a cat--he always lands on his feet.  Actually, I guess that's the only way in which he's like a cat.  He might like naps.  I'm not sure.  Anyway, life is good for him, as per usual.

Brandi runs events at the Orem B&N.  This was my first time meeting her, and she's super nice, well-organized and has exquisite taste in nail art.  And I don't usually notice nail art.  Thank you, Brandi!

I got to my next stop just in time, where I was on a panel with young adult authors Ann Cannon, Jessica Day George, Shannon Hale, Mette Harrison, Randall Wright and Sara Zarr.  I was the only debut novelist there, so I mostly listened to those wiser and more experienced, but I did interject occasionally.  We had a huge turnout, and everybody signed tons of books.  Oh, and the food?  At both B&Ns it was awesome! Orem had REALLY good cookies and tropical punch, and at West Jordan we got cheesecake (mine was Neapolitan)(not that it matters).

Here I am with my homie, Sara. the-best-pic-of-the-night1

Please don't be alarmed by the gang sign and pseudo-gang-sign flashed in this pic.  Sara and I are from the mean streets, is all, and we wanted to pay our respects, yo.  Anyway, thanks to Angie, Robin, Pam and all involved.  It was tight.  Yo.

AND I was invited to speak at Granite School District's branch of the International Reading Association.  As an alum of Granite School District (NOT when I lived on the mean streets), it was an honor to talk  to teachers, librarians, and others who labor on my home turf!  I even got to see my former junior high French teacher!  Do I have a picture with her?  No.  I have a picture with my foam-core blow-up, of course!


Ah, blow-up.  My constant companion at  each and every book event.  How do I love thee?

Anyway, this picture was taken by my former sixth-grade teacher, who invited me to speak!  Thanks, Janet, and everybody at GCIRA!

Speaking of foam-core blow-up, which really, only I was, query this:  For those of you who are published, what has been your most helpful/biggest hit as a promotional item?  Were you lucky enough to score a foam-core blow-up?  And for those of you who are book buyers (hopefully everyone!) what do you think is the best promotional tool.  Bree and I think car window stickers would be cool.  Does anyone agree with us?