Happy Mother's Day

mom_001 Everything else on this blog is late, so I figured I had to follow suit with Mother's Day.  You know, to be consistent.  Consistently late.

The week leading up to Mother's Day always makes me yearn for my youth.  Or, not necessarily MY youth, but youth in general.  For those of a certain age, the week before Mother's Day offers a host of activities:  Paint a flowerpot for Mom.  Plant a pansy for Mom.  Decorate a cookie for Mom.  Bead a bracelet for Mom.  Make a picture frame for Mom.  Best of all, these activities are FREE!

Of course, while there's probably no official rule, stores don't want a twenty-eight-year-old to come make free things for her mom.  Unless they do.  In which case, they should make that known, because I would LOVE to make a free gift for Mom.

Not because I'm good at making things ( I'm not) or  because I'm cheap (I am) but because it makes Mother's Day so easy.  And that ease is completely wasted on little kids who have yet to realize how hard Mother's Day can be.  Those kids don't realize that the time will come when a plaster imprint of  their hand will no longer constitute a suitable gift.

Above is a picture of my mom.  I am a baby in this picture.  I don't look the same anymore, but she does.   Well, except for having a more current hairstyle.  Which reminds me, check this out:


Is this a fabulous portrait of the early 80's or what?  Thank goodness for Mother's Day, or I might forget about such quality photographs.

If you want to meet my mom (and who wouldn't? ) she'll be at the Provo Children's Book Festival at the Provo City Library this Saturday.  Of course, she'll be there to see me... but I'm sure she'd be glad to see you, too!  And so would I!  I'll be speaking at 2:30 with the lovely and talented Ann Dee Ellis, but there will be speakers all day long.  And food!  And prizes!  And fun!  Check it out!

Happy Mother's Day, to my mom and all the moms out there!  Also, if anyone has good ideas for what I can give my mom on upcoming M-Days, please leave a comment.  I need all the help I can get.