Desserts I Have Known

I am back with my sister/scribe Juliana to help me!  That is why this post has pictures galore! Remember my last post when I mentioned my trip to Las Vegas?  Remember my 25 Things list when I mentioned my hobby of eating/photographing chocolate desserts?  Well here, in no particular order, is a sampling of the chocolate riches that are Las Vegas buffets. At the Monte Carlo:



At Paris (technically this is breakfast, not dessert--but I'm sure this pastry had enough calories to qualify):


More Monte Carlo (we had not one, but TWO buy one/get one free coupons to this buffet, courtesy of a generous woman we met in the New York New York food court.  Coupons rock my world!):




They tasted as good as they look.  Including the one with the weird blue "feathers," which I had my doubts about.  BYU fans, take heart!  This blue dessert is for you.

On another note, I returned from Vegas to see this good news!  Yep, I won $100 book gift card  for the spotlight I wrote about The King's English bookstore.  Thanks, Shrinking Violets!

Happy first weekend of June, everyone!  A special shout out to everybody who finished school this week, too.  Hope you celebrate hard core and if you are so inclined, tell me about it in the comments!