The Clique

P1030473 So, last week was the BYU Writing and Illustating for Young Readers Conference.  And I am not alone in saying it was sah-weet!  Seriously, I had one heck of a good time.  I know a bunch of other, better people have already blogged about this event, even DURING the event (perish the thought).  I had no time for this.  For one thing, I was writing.  And when I wasn't writing, I was hanging out with My Clique, aka My Peeps.

Does anyone else feel a negative chill when they hear the word "clique?"  I do.  It stems from a time much before the book series about an ultra-wenchy clique, too.  I suppose it My Childhood, a collection of dark days in which cliques existed solely to exclude/mock me.   Imagine my chagrin when my friend said,  "Guys, I feel like we're the biggest clique."

No!  A clique!  How can that be, when we love all and exclude none?   Honestly, we are not in much of a position to judge others, since I think each of us would agree we have something wrong with us.   Also, we don't mock people.  Unless, of course, those people are ourselves (who we mock freely).

Anyway, I was worried until she explained:  We weren't the biggest clique.  We were the biggest clique.  (The six of us were barreling into Brodi's ultra-vehicle at the time).   My issues solved (for the moment), we could enjoy the rest of the day in peace.  And enjoy we did!

Now, in a threefold effort to 1) show off my awesome conference pics, 2) learn how to use my computer and camera in harmony and 3) recap some of my favorite conference moments, I will be blogging EVERY DAY THIS WEEK!  Yahoo!  This yahoo is mainly for my own benefit, as who actually wants to read my blog every day?  But the point is that by doing so, I hope to acquire the mad skillz I so desperately seek.

To leave you on the edge of your seat (yet also somewhat fulfilled, like all the best cliff-hangers) here's another picture of the Clique, from Monday last: