And They Said It Couldn't Be Done...

My posting every day this week, that is.  And who are "they"? Oh, you know who you are.

Since yesterday's post covered last Monday, this post will cover last Tuesday, which was extra super fun because of the "mingle" held that evening.  Apparently this mingle is a conference tradition, held for faculty of the BYU conference and other published "kids" writers from across the Wasatch Front.  I feel like I am over-using quotation marks.  Anyway, the day was NOT just about the mingle!  It was about learning, too.  Because education can be fun!

I attended two great presentations: one on plot by Martine Leavitt and one on voice by Dandi Mackall. I tried to link to Martine's site, too, but she doesn't have one.  Just so you know I am not playing favorites or anything.  They are BOTH my favorite.  But  one has a website and one doesn't, so what can you do?  Anyway, I learned bunches and barely had time to digest it all before helping prepare for the mingle.

Because I am non-exclusive, I invited my friend Valynne to be my "spouse" for the mingle.  People might say this has less to do with my non-exclusivity pact and more to do with my actual spouse's lack of interest in attending the mingle.  I pay these people no mind.  Besides, Valynne is not only well on her way to publication, she is also good at carrying heavy things.


In this shot V and I are preparing drinks.  The picture was taken by moi, who momentarily forgot how cameras work.  Meaning I forgot that I would be IN the photo, thus I shouldn't wear my typical brace-yourself-for-the-worst expression.  Sadly, out of the three photos we took, this is the best one.  Anyway, the soda was sufficiently chilled.  That's all that really matters.

The mingle was a huge success (due in no small part to me, I'm not going to lie).  However, there were others involved (and by involved, I mean they actually did everything).  In charge were none other than my writer posse James Dashner, Sara Zarr, and Anne Freakin' Bowen!


Me with Anne.  Anne is not from the ghetto.

Speaking of Ann(e)s:


Here are Ann Dee Ellis and Ann (A.E) Cannon


Here is Sydney Salter (left) with two of the delightful editors at the conference.  Besides having a brand new book out (MY BIG NOSE AND OTHER NATURAL DISASTERS), Sydney is our regional advisor for the Society of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) so how fitting to get a picture of her with the big-wigs!

Okay, so there are lots of other pictures but they take forever to post, and time is money, people.  I have to wrap this up, especially since it's only Day 2 of my 5-Day Journey.  Don't want to get burned out.

Side note:  I am going to be interviewed on Brodi Ashton's ultra-blog! If you have any questions for the interview, send them her way!  Please.

Until tomorrow!