Third Time's A Charm

P1030466 I accidentally bad-clicked on this picture because in the thumbnails I couldn't see what it was a picture of.  In case you were wondering, it is a picture of delicious sushi Kim ordered at Shoga's, a sushi bar in Orem where we ate lunch last Wednesday.  Have I mentioned I love to photograph food?  I love to photograph food!

I tried putting text above this picture.  With all I've learned about technology this week it should work, right?  As you can see, it did not.  So the picture's random.  This blog is random.  What else is new?

Meanwhile, I am exhausted.  Getting ready for Girls Camp exhausts me.  Also, I just realized this will be my third summer in a row as a leader at camp.  Maybe this time will be a charm!  Think positive.

I have other news, but it's not that important (is anything really important when you're tired?) so I'll post it tomorrow.  Don't fret--it's really not that important.