Random Friday Round-Up

While I multi-task and work on my novel/catch up on email, I will use my newfound skillz to pay the billz and upload all the great photos from last week that I've been too lazy to load so far.  Check it out, yo: P1030472

My home-dawg James Dashner at the banquet with his editor, Krista.  Check out how Krista has totally mastered the art of looking good for a picture without plastering a cheesy smile on her face.   I have not learned this.

True story:  When I was getting a "head shot" taken for the release of my first book, I hired a professional photographer for the first time in my life (I didn't even hire one for my wedding).  So the photographer says.  "Okay, for each pose we'll take three pictures.  In one, smile really big.  In one, just have a small, soft smile, and in one, look serious."  I nodded.  See, this is why I hate professional photography.  I always feel like I'm going to mess up.  So I smile big.  Then I smile soft.  Then I look serous.  And the photographer puts down her camera and kind of shudders and says.  "Aah!  Not that serious."


Kim, Sara and Brodi looking studious as we wait for the session to start.


My friend Lisa and I held a "reading" at our hotel Wednesday night (she's the one on the left).  We each read a bit from our novel-in-progress, as did new friend Deanne Campbell (right) and Valynne (the one taking the picture).


And on the last day, I got to talk wayyy too briefly with my friend Jen White ( my California-girl gorgeous classmate at Vermont College!  How lucky am I that now she's a Utahn and we only live an hour apart?).  On the right is Janessa, a talented writer I've met only a few times but is in Jen's writing group.  How can you go wrong with a clique like that?

Happy Friday, everyone!  If I survive camp, I'll let y'all know in approximately one week.