Some Of My Best Friends Are Teens...

So, this marks the end of the Week of Girls Camp and the beginning of a new, possibly less crazy week.  Possibly. Girls Camp reaffirmed my beliefs that:

1) I am, indeed, allergic to nature.  Mainly in the physical sense of sniffing, sneezing and general itchiness.  But I also just don't enjoy the outdoors that much.  This has not changed since I was a teen.  It probably never will.

2) I am, indeed, the most accident-prone person known to man.  Our campsite had quite uneven terrain, and with my high-quality walking skills, you can imagine how that turned out.  I just discovered a new fist-sized bruise on my leg today.

The sad part is I have no idea which of my accidents caused the bruise.  It's like on one of those trashy TV shows where (through a DNA test) a woman learns which of a long line of  men is indeed the father of her child.  "Ray, you're not the father.  Angelo, you're not the father.  RJ, you're not the father..."

With accidents, I have had multiple partners.

Additionally, I hit my head on the camp's makeshift waterslide, burned myself on a hot marshmallow roaster, and got seven bug bites.  Oh yeah, and lest I forget the piece de resistance....


Huh.  Okay, so the picture I wanted included a rock climbing wall in the background, but oh well.  This is a picture of Kim, Maribah, and Mariah standing NEXT to the rock climbing wall.  Use your imagination and picture me on a rock climbing wall.  Now stop laughing long enough to read that no, this is not a joke.  At the request of my girls, I not only climbed said wall, I MADE IT TO THE TOP!  Rock on Em-Dawg!  If I do say so myself.  Also noteworthy was how I made it to the top with no problem.  Alas, I had to get down.  I thought this was the easy part.  Everybody before me just let go of the rock, kicked off the wall, and down they fell in a nice, straight line.

I should have known it wouldn't go that way for me.  I let go of the rock, kicked off the wall, and fell at an angle, narrowly missing a collision with the girl climbing next to me.  To avoid hitting her, I over-corrected and swung as far to the left as my bungee would go.  Then I stopped short (still halfway between the ground and the top of the wall).  I was just hanging there, wondering what to do, when I dropped the rest of the way down.  The guy in charge looked completely baffled.


See!  This is the rock wall!  I'm not climbing it, but I don't have a picture of that anyway.  And Sydney and Rachel, pictured here, are way cuter.

Which brings me to the 3rd belief reaffirmed by camp:  I am so lucky to get to hang with these awesome girls.  They are far and away the best thing about camp (there's not even a close second.  The food, while good, doesn't even compare).

Did you know at Girls Camp people give each other lots of stuff?  This stuff consists of very cute handmade craft-type items.  I had no such items to give my girls.  Even if I'd had handmade craft-type items, they'd totally bite  because most accident-prone person known to man?  Remember?  So instead of giving them a craft-type item, I wrote them a song.  And by "wrote," I mean I made up new lyrics to an already existing song ("The World," by Brad Paisley).  I sang it to them at the campfire our last night (and by "sang" I mean that I downloaded a karaoke version of the song and belted out the new words in my not-even-good-enough-for-karaoke voice).

Anyway, if any of them are reading this post, remember:  To the world you may be just another girl.  But to me, baby you ARE the world.


UPDATE!  You can check out my interview with bff Brodi here