Writing News Galore (And My New Sandals)

My blog has been a little light on the writing news lately. I mean, let's face it, the blog's been light on everything in general, ever since I started it. Which is why I make a pledge: I will be posting twice a week, every week, from now on! Feel free to ooh and ahh. Seriously. Ooh and ahh. Humor me here. Why can I make this blogging guarantee? One reason will be revealed on Thursday, in my next post. One reason is that I love you guys! Also, I joined Twitter so I could be cool. No, J/k, that's not the reason. I'll never be cool. I was actually just missing out on crucial, crucial information, like what my next-door-neighbor had for dinner and whether or not my friends were pleased with the most recent So You Think You Can Dance? outcome.

Yes.  The time had come.  So follow me on twitter @emilywingsmith.  It'll be fun!

And while I was learning how to do stuff, I figured out how to post my blog to livejournal.  I probably don't have any lj friends left since I've been such a deadbeat, but it's a risk I''m willing to take.

In my writing world, two good things happened this week.  First, I found out I'm a finalist for the 2008 Utah Book Award (Young Adult Division) from Utah Center for the Book.  Great news, because I had no idea I was nominated for the award.  While the letter I received notified me that there is one other finalist, it didn't say who that finalist is.   I really wish I knew... so if it's you, email me!  Otherwise I won't find out until the awards ceremony on October 22.

Another good thing:  I got official word about the Second Annual Writing for Charity Event!  Do you like to write?  Do you like to write for young readers?  Do you want to meet a bunch of famous authors who live right here in Utah?  Do you know me personally and think, "If she can do this, it must be pretty easy?"  Then pay a mere $50 ($45 before August 21st) and register for...

(from the website)

The Writing for Charity Event, a workshop for aspiring children’s book writers (age 13 and up only), will provide participants with professional advice and the opportunity to have their work evaluated by one of the event’s participating authors. The event includes the opportunity to purchase books and have books signed. Participants can also purchase drawing tickets for great prizes, including signed books and a book bag signed by all of the participating authors (Note from Em-Dawg:  this includes me and about 20 other local authors.  Yep, 20!)

All proceeds from the event will benefit the non-profit Treehouse Children’s Museum and its award-winning Family Literacy Programs. Writers of children’s picture books should bring a full manuscript (fewer than 1,000 words), and chapter book authors should bring the book’s first page for the critique. Participants are not required to bring work sample for the critique session.

Saturday, August 29 10AM - 2PM at the Children's Treehouse Museum in  Ogden

Check out all the info here:


Speaking of my new sandals...

Two summers ago I bought the PERFECT sandals.  They had a strap across the heel, which is a must for me--otherwise I walk right out of the shoe (no$2 Old Navy flip-flops for me).  They were flats--no high-heel to trip on.  They had Velcro closures.  They were white with a tiny flower on the toe.  They were from the girls' shoe section at Target.

Daniel forbid me from ever again buying shoes from the kids' section.  But finding shoes that meet my shoe-qualifications is tough.  Enter Lisa, my awesome shopping-buddy and BFF.  She's infinitely patient while I try stuff on, and once told me:  "Friends don't let friends buy those shoes."

Today we went to Nordstrom for their semi-annual sale and came out with some GREAT shoes.  I may be $70 poorer, but look what I have: