Wonder Pen

On Monday, when I promised to blog more regularly, it was because I knew that very soon, I'd be spending a lot less time typing and a lot more time writing with this new pen, leaving me time for two posts a week, no problem.What exactly is so amazing about this pen?  What isn't amazing about this pen!  I simplt turn it on (yes, you can turn the pen on, and it even has a small screen on the side.  Seriously, check it out.  You turn it on, start writing on this special paper (which looks just like regular lined paper except for the teeny-tiny dots on it), and then later, you can hook the pen up to your computer.  Then the pen will show everything you've written with the pen on your computer screen!  Then, it will convert what you've written into typeface!

I've had a chance to try this out after two mega-writing days this week, and I'm in awe.  The pen reads my writing easily, and converts it to Microsoft Word with little problem (sometimes it Captializes random Words for some Reason, but I can tortally live with that).

The whole thing is unbelievable, like learning that chocolate chip cookies are actually health food or something.