Why I've Never Wanted To Be A Dog; The Summer of Chocolate And Writing

Apart from the obvious ( I'm allergic to dogs, thus would be allergic to myself),  myriad other parts of being a dog don't appeal to me.   The lack of privacy when relieving oneself.  The ticks.  The assumption that since I am man's best friend, I must therefore be every man's best friend (Pure ridiculous.  How can you be best friends with all mankind?) Of course, the worst part of being a dog is the lack of chocolate.  Or so I thought until reading this. A dog who loves chocolate lives to be twenty-one.  Coincidence?  I think not.

On Friday night I attended a picnic thrown as an alternative to the high school reunion.  Of course, it wasn't an alternative to my high school reunion, but no matter.  I went anyway.  I saw a classmate from junior high who I'd recently friended on facebook and met her children.  "So what's up with you?" she asked.  "All I see you post on facebook is writing stuff."

To which I replied, "Uh, yeah.  What else is there?"  But only in my head.  Because in a well-rounded life there's more.  In my life, which is decidedly not well-rounded, there are only two things:  writing and chocolate.

So I bring you this:

2009:  The Summer of Writing  And Chocolate


June 11-- Delicious brownie sundae at the TGI Fridays in Provo, UT, enjoyed after a hard day's work at the BYU conference (photo courtesy of Sara Bolton and her iPhone).  Even Edward Necarsulmer IV couldn't resist a bite!

Ten stars out of ten.


August 10--Cupcake from the bakery at the swank LA mall near the hotel where we stayed and played at the SCBWI conference.


Same cupcake after it had been "warmed up" as per the counter guy's recommendation.

Perfect ten for presentation pre-warm-up; four-point-five afterward.  Taste?  Out of this world!


August 22--Chocolate cake batter ice cream with brownie mix-in from Cold Stone Creamery after a night living it up with Utah book bloggers (and some authors, too).  This flavor combination is a nouveau classic!

Maximum stars.


August 29--Tres Leches Cake from the Sonoma Grill in Ogden, UT, where some of us refueled after an exhausting yet exhilirating day at the Writing for Charity event at the Treehouse Museum.

In fact, here we all are at that magical event:


Don't we look hott!?  Yep, all this was donated to help kids in Ogden schools get books (there was money donated, too, not just our extreme hottness.  That, of course, is priceless).

All in all, I deem the Summer Of Writing And Chocolate a success!  How would you synopsize YOUR summer?