A Post I Wrote On Friday

I'm sitting here at the Salt Lake City public library, or, as I have come to know it over these past months, my second home.  Seriously, today is the third time I've been here this week. Technically, this isn't my library.  There are others closer to my house.  But the creepy thing about the library closest to my house?  It’s the same library I went to as a teen.  Even more pathetic, the YA section is still basically the same as it was ten years ago.  Sweet Valley High, anyone?  Anyone?

I just finished a scene for the revision of my new novel (coming out from the lovely and mega-talented Julie-Strauss Gabel of Dutton Childrens Books.)  Now I'm spent, though, and it’s… hmm, 11:28 a.m.  Which does not exactly bode well for my productivity the rest of the day.  Luckily, who am I sitting next to but BFF Sara Zarr, who suggested I write a blog post with my newfound free time. Brilliant! But then, what else would you expect from her?

Now, I try to keep the bragging on this blog down to a minimum, really I do.  Yes, I'm friends with Sara Zarr, but is it really polite to continually make reference to it?  No, it is not, but today I will anyway because Sara gave me one of her author copies of Once Was Lost this morning! And it is beautiful. The cover is that great matte-with spot-gloss combo and I dig the whole color scheme.   Plus, Sara’s shirt matches her cover!  I’d love to post a photo of the two of them together, but alas, no camera.  And I refuse to jump into 2005 and get a camera phone, mainly because I tend to break things or otherwise maim them.


DANG IT!  This was supposed to be a picture of SARA!  From my picture archives, of which there are many of Sara, one that was perfect for this post!  Instead there's a picture of  me serenading a stuffed giraffe.  I look like an idiot.  Why do I even have this picture?  Blah.  This is not my day.  (Author's Note:  The day that is not my day is today, Tuesday.  Friday was a perfectly lovely day).

Speaking of both my famous friends and my uncanny ability to maim (particularly myself), I am honored to be directly mentioned in three of Bree Despain’s highlights from the SCBWI LA conference. Go read about it, because I'll never get around to typing the whole story and it's actually pretty funny.  FYI, This post is not typewritten, because after a brief and very sad period in which my ink cartridge ran out, Wonder-Pen is back! And better than ever!

Anyway, I am pleased, proud, and still a little shocked to say that my friend Bree is going to be the Next Big Thing in YA literature.  I'm not shocked that Bree’s debut, The Dark Divine, is already getting so much buzz--Bree’s a fantastic writer who can plot like no other.  But I'm still in awe that I've known her since the beginning, back when we were both just punk kids eating Cup o' Noodles at BYU.  Yay, Bree!

(Author's Note:  This is where I was going to insert a picture of Bree, but after the last fiasco I'm just not feeling it.  So adieu).