In Which An Extraordinary Video Makes An Apperance And Reo Is Mentioned

Last week was an awesome week for me, and as this week promises just as many rollickin' good times, I am going to blog each day to keep up. Only 3 Days until Utah Literary Awards shindig with Sara Zarr and a whole bunch of other cool peeps. You don't want to miss it this Thursday night, 7:00, at the downtown SLC Library. Good times a plenty. I guarantee it.

In addition to my birthday, my family had other reasons to celebrate last week. First, my brother Ethan got engaged to one of the coolest girls on the planet (welcome to the family, Cami!). She's majoring in some sort of athletic-teaching and has promised to help me learn how to use my treadmill without falling over and getting black-rubber-burn-marks on my hands. Okay, so she hasn't promised that yet, but I know she will. She's chill like that.

Then my brother Andy got called to serve an LDS mission in Des Moines, Iowa. He'll be gone for two years, which is kind of a bummer, but he'll be serving people in all sorts of ways so it's for the greater good. I am SO happy for him. Andy, you are my hero!

Then it was the one-year birthday of my nephew, Holden. My sister Juliana and brother-in-law Reo threw the most happening bash EVAH. Happy B-Day, Holden. You are way more fun now than you were this time last year.

Speaking of my bomb brother-in-law, Reo was the lucky recipient of a Bag o' Crap from Only a privileged few ever get to buy these rare gems. Included in his bag was a bunch of stuff from which the bag derives its name. One such item was a flip video camera that didn't record sound.

I've coveted the flip video camera ever since I saw Sara Zarr's. Not because I'd actually be able to use one. No way. I just love how it looks like a regular camera. Whenever Sara uses hers I forget it's a video camera and don't know I'm being recorded (see me saying incriminating things here). I figure, if I fall for it every time, so will others, and I can gather clandestine footage.

Daniel, techie wizard, took the non-functional flip camera and fixed it. Then, the next night while I was opening B-Day presents with the fam, he recorded me. I, of course, quickly forgot it was a video camera. When will I learn??? Anyway, he proceeded to make me this quality video, which I love. And at a mere 58 seconds, I hope you'll love it, too.