This title kind of reminds me of Morse code which I always wanted to learn.  Obviously, though, this entry has nothing to do with Morse code and everything to do with my birthday on Wednesday. My husband, who has been downloading old-timey radio dramas to his iPod lately, wanted me to call my birthday post:

"In Which Sherman Alexie Makes an Appearance and Bree Nearly Impales Valynne With a Fork."

But I thought that title, while accurate, didn't focus enough on me.  Because, seriously.  It was my birthday!

My 29th birthday began by Daniel and I playing "Birthday" on Beatles Rock Band:


This picture is not of me playing Beatles Rock Band on my birthday morn, but it IS of me playing Beatles Rock Band, and my expression is similar every time I play (AKA my Rock Star Look).  Also, Daniel is in the picture but you can't see his face, so that is probably good for privacy issues.

After that, I spent some quality time with my friends at B&N, answering email and composing the following list:


~meet author M.E Kerr (I've wanted to do this since I was sixteen)

~see Barry Manilow (I've ALWAYS wanted to do this)

~write another book

~gain a working knowledge of very basic technology

~become an uber-blogger

~get rid of the recently discovered mouse-family living in my unfinished basement (finish my basement to avoid another mouse-family moving in).

~figure out where I put these lists of things to do that I never end up looking at again.

Luckily now I can't lose this list because it's on the computer, and the computer keeps everything easily accessible, right?

That night I went to see the famous Sherman Alexie speak at my favorite bookstore, the King's English.  I expected a crowd, but the place was packed.  It was insane.  But that only helped matters when Sherman Alexie got everyone to sing "Happy Birthday" to me (for a very special birthday gift to me, Sara Zarr had tipped him off.  Thank you, Sara!)

Here we all are, chilling with him:


Brodi, Bree and I are wearing our T-shirts, which Sherman Alexie remembered, and even recalled our names!

Then, off to the Dodo, our new local haunt mainly because it's the only place open late enough for us.


See my delighted expression?  That's because I had the best.  Birthday.  Ever.