Introducing The SIX

There was a post I was planning to post that I realized I could not post until I had posted this post.

For awhile now, my BFF writers group has needed to come up with a name.  Back in 2005, when we first formed the group, didn't need a name.  We were smaller then--it was just me, Kim and Bree.  The three of us had met a few years earlier as BYU students, when we took  Louise Plummer's class Writing the Young Adult Novel.

Then Sara  joined on, then Valynne, then Brodi.   Time marched on.  Books were written; agents acquired.  Meltdowns occurred.   And suddenly we needed a name.

So, we had our first official non-writing-related meeting, at which we decided to determine a name, and once and for all, figure out who was the craziest.  After much discussion, it was decided that yes, we were simply The SIX, and yes, Brodi was the craziest.

(Was there ever any doubt?)

Brodi, I would have added the more flattering shot of you in a leopard-print Snuggie, but it's one of those blasted vertical photos I can't rotate for the life of me.

Because Brodi, in all her crazy, had long-ago asked to be club ledger keeper, we appointed her as such (Off topic: do you have any idea how hard it is to find a ledger these days?  Trying to find one for Brodi this Christmas ended up being so impossible I just bought her a notebook and spelled out "Ledger" on it in official-looking stickers) (If there are such  things as official looking stickers).

That meant the rest of us needed figurehead positions as well.   Valynne, who's long been our bouncer, was rightfully named Secretary of Defense.  Sara, with her exquisite taste in shoes, was deemed Sartorial Advisor.  Bree is the Hair Consultant, of course, when she's not busy acting as Nutritionist.  Kim is secretary because she's the only one who can remember everybody's birthday (I love you 4/22)!  I was originally head cheerleader, until my physical coordination was brought into question.  I became Cruise Director, because while my physical coordnination is sub-par, my ability to coordinate everything else is...well, also sub-par, but what can you do?

I have to say, The SIX is the writers group of all writers groups.  I am lucky to have them.