Things That Please Me Today

Now, for the post that I planned to post last week, wherein I discuss the debut of my friend and fellow Sixer Bree Despain's YA paranormal romance THE DARK DIVINE. The book is doing so well it's already in its second printing! Check out the book, and check out Bree's blog. If you need a reason besides me randomly saying you should, listen to this: today is Bree's birthday! AND she's giving out gifts instead of getting them! Okay, she's getting them, too. But still. Check it out. Here are some photos from her spectacular launch:

I love this picture of Bree with our friend Kika, book blogger, college student and donner of  the Official Footwear of Tonga.  Aren't they cute?  (Rhetorical question).

Valynne, sporting DARK DIVINE nail polish.  Yes, the book has its own official color (to match the gorgeous cover).  If you go to one of Bree's upcoming signings, you too could be lucky enough to snag a complimentary bottle!

And of course, the obligatory picture of me because honestly, what is this blog without me?  (Rhetorical question).   Here I am, showing off the delectable pigs n' blanket I made for the launch.  Said pigs were devoured 2.4 seconds after this picture was taken.  Thanks Valynne, for sending this photo along-- because of you, it isn't sideways.  Brava!

Some cool things are happening this week.  Now that my book THE WAY HE LIVED  has been out for over a year, I thought reviews (and attention in general) about it would be minimal.  So, I had no problem when Great Guy Dan set me up with Google Alert.  I thought basically nothing would happen, much like when I'd do a  Google vanity search and repeatedly be asked "Did you mean Emily KING Smith?"

Then Google alerted me to this awesome review of TWHL by Sarah of the Readergirlz Street Team!  I LOVE readergirlz, and their Street Team.  If you like anything to do with teen books, check out the website.  It's amazing, and they have really popular writers guest chat all the time!

My publicist was the one who told me about  the review of Carolyn Mackler's YA TANGLED in this month's School Library Journal.  I've enjoyed Mackler's books in the past, so imagine my surprise to read this part of the review:  "As powerfully depicted as Emily Wing Smith's The Way He Lived (Flux, 2008), the various viewpoints weave together to create a compelling and cohesive whole."  Read the entire review here.

Meanwhile, I have arranged lunch dates every day this week, so that I can take home the leftovers and Great Guy Dan and I can eat them together, thus avoiding yet another week of grocery shopping.  Great plan, right?

(Rhetorical question).