My Ultra-Skinny Vietnamese Wedding

Okay, so this was not really my wedding.    I, as many of you know, am already married-- to a half-Japanese man with a half-Japanese brother who married a whole-Vietnamese bride over the weekend.

As one of the only Caucasian females at the celebration, I was forced to reflect on the sad disparity between I and my Asian counterparts.

#1:  Where there are Asian weddings, there will be cranes.  I could not fold cranes for my own wedding over seven years ago.  Number of cranes I can now fold?

Still a whopping 0.

#2: The Vietnamese have MAD style, yo.

I have no such style.  Even a trip to The Great Mall in fashion capital of the world Milpitas, CA, didn't help.

#3:  It's Vietnamese tradition to serve a full-course meal at every wedding reception.

This is a significant step up from the Utah-Mormon nut-cup-and-Sprite-based-slush combo.

#3:  In spite of all the food, every Vietnamese woman remains a size 00.

It's possible that the absence of size 00 in my life has less to do with my Whitey McWhite genetics and more to do with my habit of eating desserts like these.  But can I pretend it doesn't?

Congratulations, Josiah and Ha!