Distractions From A Grocery List

My problem with blogging is merely  a reflection of my problem with life in general, which is this:  I don't know how to prioritize.  Seriously.  No idea. Lately it's been especially bad.   Say there are three things I need to do today:

1. email my editor

2. go to the grocery store

3. put out the grease fire in my kitchen

I'd be like, well, I should probably email my editor first.  Because she's a Very Important Person and I don't want to make her wait.  But then again, my book doesn't come out until April, so how pressing can it be?  And besides, I haven't been to the grocery store since the Utah Book Bloggers social which was...wow, August 28th, no wonder we're out of food.  I should really get on that.  But I'd need to make a list or something before I go, and...oh, look, the curtains just caught on fire because, oh yes, my entire kitchen is ablaze.  I guess I should have put the fire out first.  Except that email would only take like two seconds to answer...

I guess I should be grateful no such disasters have occurred, allowing me to fritter away my time trying to decide if it's more important to organize my food storage or get my photos from 2006 into an album.  Ugh.   Obviously, my problems go deep, but the good thing is that I've prioritized blogging every Tuesday for WEEKS now, which is a huge accomplishment.

Meanwhile, check out what arrived on Friday:

Why did I take this without remembering I can't rotate pictures!?  Anyway, this is the galley, or Advanced Reader Copy, of my book.   I'm surprised and so, so pleased that I got one so quickly.  I know this is weird, but my favorite part is the spine, which I didn't know looked like this:

Is that cute or what?  I would TOTALLY pick that book out of a shelf-ful of other spine-out-only books.  Also, if you've noticed from the background of these photos, the cover looks so good with my office decor.  Which doesn't matter, but makes me hold the copy against my wall anyway.

If you're a book blogger and interested in having one of these ARCs for review, they're not available yet.  BUT if you want to be added to the list I send to my publicist for distributing them when the time comes,  send me an email with your your blog name and address: emilywingsmith AT gmail DOT com.

Or, even better if you're local, come visit me this Saturday, September 18, at the Orem Barnes and Noble.  I'll be there from 1-to-almost-4, signing with a billion other Utah authors (give or take).  It will be a rockin' party, so don't miss out, even if you're not a book blogger and you don't want a copy of my book anyway.

Okay.  Back to the grocery list.