Current Obsessions


I just finished reading this yesterday, and can I just say, WOW.  I savored this book for exactly one week and I will tell you, it made the whole WEEK awesome.  Natalie Standiford is a terrific author (who , yes, has blurbed my forthcoming BACK WHEN YOU WERE EASIER TO LOVE.  Score!) and she's totally outdone herself with this one.  Plus, its got so many stars it could be an American flag!  Okay, so I meant starred reviews, but whatev.


This picture is misleading because it shows one bride and one groom, and the TLC program is about one groom (who I not-so-affectionately refer to as "Kody-with-a-K") who miraculously managed to get four brides.  But not all at once.  I attribute his good fortune to this first bride, Meri.  Here she is,  looking positively bodacious in this wedding pic (hence why I chose it, natch):

Without her, my guess is Kody-with-a-K would be even more of a tool than he already is, but with her, he's managed to build a pretty cool polygamist family.  And having grown up in Utah, I can tell you that before this show, I would never, ever have believed there was such thing as a pretty cool polygamist family.

After seeing what happened to my other favorite pretty cool TLC family (yes John and Kate, I'm looking in your direction) I'm a little nervous for next season of SISTERWIVES.  Nervous, of course,  and way, way excited.   BOOYAH.

3. To assure this post is not about how I am currently obsessed with sisters, next up is TAYLOR SWIFT, who doesn't even have a sister.  If she did, I wish it could be me.  How great would that be?  I know, it's totally trendy and I should be ashamed to even admit it, but I love everything about this girl:  her music, her style, and her priceless monologue on SNL.

This was going to be a picture of Taylor, but it looks like the one I saved is actually of a karaoke lounge.  Which is cool, because it segues into the next crazy obsession, which is that I officially reserved a cabin on this Royal Carribean cruise.   Yes, Taylor Swift will be performing onboard!  Yes, I have a balcony cabin overlooking the theater!  This is in case I'm not lucky enough to win tickets throughout the week by participating in Taylor Swift trivia, look-alike contests, and karaoke.  This is not going to keep me from trying, however.  I have eight weeks to make myself look like Taylor Swift.

4.  Happy days are here again because the muse has finally returned and MY NEXT PROJECT is at 44,320 words!  This may not seem like much until you realize that most of my books weight in at about 49K.  Homestretch, baby, and I'm more ready than ever!

Also, this has been a good week for EASIER TO LOVE.  In her blog, Mary Kole mentions it as a popular title in contemporary YA fiction.  AND I found out that award-winning author Sara Zarr had this to say:

“Emily Wing Smith understands obsession and the acute condition of the heart when broken, and when on the mend. Also, she makes me laugh.”

See, this is true not only of EASIER TO LOVE, but of me in general.  Oh, I know obsession.  I don't just write about it, I live it.  On a daily basis.  Hopefully, I also make Sara laugh.

Any of you have obsessions I should add to the list?

Please note:  I do not know why this text is so small.  It is not on purpose.  I have tried to fix it but currently have no solution.  Sorry about your eyes.