The Post I Forgot To Title

A few weeks ago, I had the truly enchanting opportunity to talk books with writers Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, on tour for their new book BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS (a follow-up to their mega-success BEAUTIFUL CREATURES) (not that BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS isn't a mega-success in its own right).

Here's us talking about collaborative writing, favorite series (BSC shout-out, baby!), and where we purchased our shoes.  Not necessarily in that order.  And with a lot of other stuff in-between.

Here we are afterward, at the signing at the King's English.  Margy and I are on the bottom row, then it's left to right Bree, Valynne, Kami, and Brodi.    I love this picture because I look like I have a disproportionately large face, and Brodi looks exactly the same as she always does.

To those of you who inquired about whether or not I'm actually going on the Taylor Swift cruise,  I ask:  would I lie to you?  Never.  Would I embellish?  Possibly.  But in this case I am neither lying nor embellishing.  I am frantically memorizing Taylor Swift trivia, so if you have any factoids, send them my way.  Also, if you know how to turn me into a willowy 5'10 blonde with curly hair, let me know that, too, so I can win the look-alike contest.

On the writing front, I am near 46,000 words on my book and I'm done.  Not done like finished--there are still several scenes I envisioned writing.  But I'm kind of over it.  I just figure I'll let the reader fill in the blanks and my work is complete.  Anyone think this idea will fly?  Anyone?  Anyone?

And as far as unusual appointments I've had lately:  I was having back problems, so I went to the massage therapy school by the really good Chinese restaurant for my first-ever massage.  Turns out the fact that I look at the keyboard when I type  is not a good thing, especially considering the amount of time I spend typing.  It also turns out I have about 30% fewer bones in my back than I thought.  What I thought were bones were actually muscles knotted so tightly for so long I just assumed they were bones.  It's a good thing I couldn't see the massage therapist's face when I said "Wow, how'd you make one of my vertebrae disappear?"

I went to get my eyebrows waxed, because you know how that goes.  "Wow, you have such great eyebrows," said the New Lady.

"Thanks," I said.  This is kind of a strange compliment, but I've given stranger, so no big.

Then she's like, "These will be so great to shape.  You have no IDEA  how some people think their eyebrows should look."

I was like, "People think their eyebrows should look a certain way?"  I mean, they're EYEBROWS.  There should be two of them.  You shouldn't look like you're constantly unhappy.  Otherwise,  eyebrows are just there, right?  Apparently not.  And I thought I had problems.